About Us


The municipality is named after the Drakensberg mountains (known as “Maluti” in Sesotho). The peak in Qwaqwa is known as the Sentinel, which is called “Phofung” in Sesotho.


By 2020 Maluti-A-Phofung will be technologically advanced and have unlocked the indigenous entrepreneurial spirit of all of her people within an equitable, sustainable, healthy, crime-free and moral society. Based in the most beautiful part of the world, where unemployment and poverty will be unheard of and the rest of the world will discover our unique African cultural heritage


  • Encouraging self-reliance
  • Ensuring co-ordination and collaboration of various stakeholders in the delivering of development in an integrated and sustainable manner
  • Promoting a healthy and vibrant community with high moral standards
  • Unlocking the development potential of the area, particularly tourism and indigenous knowledge and mobilizing investment because of our uniqueness.
  • Ensuring that everyone will be active in the economy and utilize technology to our advantage.
  • Utilizing our highly skilled workforce and ensuring that literacy and numeracy levels are above average.
  • Enabling all communities to have access to basic services and land.
  • Ensuring a safe, healthy and secure environment,
  • Caring for our disabled and aged to be independent
  • Promoting gender equity and developing our youth as our future asset and
  • Being an accountable government to its entire people.